Sellers Questions

Question: I would like to sell my WDCC figures/Disney items on your site, what do I do next?

Answer: Simple, just get in touch and tell us what you have for sale!

Question: How do I price my items, will you do that for me?

Answer: You will need to provide us with a price that if the item sold, you would be comfortable with. We really need somewhere to start from, once we have you price list we then double check it and can offer advice based on past sales. Don’t forget as we work on commission basis, and therefore we always aim to achieve the best price we can for your item/s.

Question: How quickly will my products get added to the site?

Answer: Items are normally listed within 48/72 hours depending on the volume. For larger collections this may take longer to input.

Question: How long do they stay on Neverland?

Answer: Until we sell them or you ask for them to be removed.

Question: Who pays the shipping?

Answer: The buyer, all prices quoted on Neverland are plus shipping, once the prospective buyer confirms their location, we then ask you to provide an accurate shipping quote.

Question: How do I get paid?

Answer: Once the final price/shipping has been agreed. We supply you the details of the buyer so you can send a PayPal invoice. The buyer then pays you directly via PayPal, bank transfer or in some cases depending on your location, cash upon collection.

Question: How do we pay you?

Answer: You pay between 15% – 20% commission (dependant on sale price) as soon as you have been paid by the buyer and you have shipped the item/s.

Question: If the item arrives and is damaged or lost, what happens next?

Answer: You will need to work with the buyer and agree or offer a partial or full refund of the full sale price paid. We will of course work with you and the buyer to assist where possible.
*Neverland’s commission on any sale is non refundable as our introduction to the buyer in order to complete the sale will have been completed successfully.

Question: Can I change the price on my figure at any time?

Answer: Yes, it’s your figure and you set the price!

We will work with both the you the seller and the buyer behind the scenes to make the transaction process as easy as possible, we will deal with all buyer enquiries so you just have to invoice and send the item out.

We do ask ALL sellers to remember the following when they agree to list an item on our site.

1.  Treat as you expect to be treated.
2.  Describe your item 100% accurately.
3.  Package your items with care, easier to spend 10 minutes extra and have it arrive in one piece.
4.  If when packing you find something not as described, you must notify us immediately so we can update the buyer and agree the next steps.
5.  If something arrives damaged/broken, please work with the buyer to resolve, we will also assist, back to point 1.

If you have any other question, please do let us know as we are happy to try and help you sell your items.

Also check out our testimonials page for comments from other happy sellers.

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